British American Business Council at work for you

Welcome to BABCSD, the San Diego Chapter of the British American Business Network (BABN), the premier transatlantic business network spanning over 2,000 member companies. From multinational corporations to budding enterprises, we’re dedicated to fostering growth and opportunity in today’s dynamic global market.

At BABN, our mission is clear: to empower businesses of all sizes by providing unparalleled access to resources, connections, and opportunities. Through our network of chapters across the UK and North America, we facilitate meaningful collaborations and cultivate a supportive community for our members.

Our chapters, including BABCSD, serve as vital hubs for business growth, offering a wealth of benefits to our members. From curated event programs designed to foster networking and collaboration, to exclusive promotional opportunities on our website, we’re committed to helping our members thrive.

Moreover, as advocates for transatlantic trade, BABN actively engages with governments on both sides of the Atlantic to address policy issues affecting businesses. Through ongoing dialogue and direct representation, we strive to create a favorable environment for trade and investment between the UK and North America.

In addition to these advocacy efforts, BABN offers a range of services to support our members’ business needs. From the J-1 Visa Program, facilitating international talent acquisition, to promotional opportunities on our website, we’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed on a global scale.

Join us at BABCSD and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to driving transatlantic business forward. Together, we’ll unlock endless possibilities for growth and success in today’s interconnected world.

Andy Soler, grew up by the banks of the River Thames, close to Hampton Court. Born into a family immersed in the travel industry, Andy honed his skills as a travel professional, eventually establishing and managing travel companies on both sides of the Atlantic. With over three decades of global travel experience under his belt, Andy now channels his talents towards promoting local businesses. He leads Renewww Marketing, a thriving digital marketing firm specializing in elevating the presence of local brands on a global scale.