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Business Council, San Diego​

Welcome to the British American Business Council, San Diego chapter.

We invite you to join the BABCSD with a collective goal of strengthening our UK/US connections and sharing best practice among members while each benefitting from the collective advocacy that such a community brings

We are currently accepting interest from businesses that want a dynamic business group to build International Bridges.

About the BABCSD

British American Business Council, San Diego (BABCSD), is fostering economic growth by offering a dynamic platform to highlight the robust relationship between the UK and San Diego markets, empowering its members to expand their exposure to exciting transatlantic business prospects. Our distinctive network will create tangible value through extensive B2B connections and a global reach that will open doors to new opportunities.

Through a close alliance with the British Consulate General and its dedicated Trade and Investment team, BABCSD will provide unparalleled access to political analysis and policy insights from senior British diplomats, along with comprehensive support from their trade and investment experts. This network, comprised of individuals and companies dedicated to transatlantic business, will stand ready to offer valuable guidance for establishing or growing your enterprise on both sides of the Atlantic.

Beyond our business engagements, BABCSD will offer a diverse array of formal and informal programming. This will include expert roundtables and presentations featuring distinguished speakers from government, industry, and academia, as well as entertaining and educational events such as sporting events, casual social gatherings, and our take on The Great British Bake Off. This carefully curated program of events throughout San Diego will be designed to keep our members engaged, informed, and actively participating in the vibrant tapestry of our community.

Join us as we connect, educate, and celebrate the talent and offerings of our members, ensuring that our community remains plugged in, switched on, and actively involved!

The Current Board

Francine Basson


Jane Wainwright


Eric Blackhall


Andy Soler


Martin Bridges

Emily Cowley

Geraldine Gatehouse

Wendy Gillespie

Shaun Robinson

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